News from St. Mark's Bookshop, NYC

St. Mark's Bookshop


Dear Stephen

Together we have scored a victory for the St. Mark’s Bookshop and the Lower East Side!  Cooper Union has agreed to a new one-year lease to reduce their monthly rent to $17,500.  The bookshop has a $2,500/month rent reduction and Cooper Union will forgive back rent owed. This is a $37,500 win for the bookstore. We won through a lot of organizing — including your signature among the 44,128 on our online petition. Thank you!

The organization that led this fight — the Cooper Square Committee –  knows that bookshops are a crucial part of our beloved Lower East Side community. We have organized for over 52 years to ensure that the Lower East Side remains an affordable home to the diverse multi-ethnic community of working people and artists that has continued to draw so many people to it. 

Join Our Victory Celebration and Mark their 34th anniversary serving the community 

St. Mark’s Bookshop:                        
 31 Third Avenue (corner of 9th Street) 
* Celebrate our win, meet up with friends and neighbors    
* Learn more about our community
* Learn more about the Cooper Square Committee
 (You can also learn more about the Cooper Square Committee — its history battling Robert Moses and later gentrification, and its current tenants’ organizing – 

If you can't come in person, check out the St. Mark's Bookshop website:
Peace with justice,


Joyce Ravitz
Cooper Square Committee
61 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10003

tel (212) 228-8210
fax (646) 602-2260




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