Rexroth, Deep in the Night

Kenneth Rexroth

I lay awake all night, worried. I tried thinking of the stars overhead, tried thinking of oceans I've swum in. I remembered people I've wronged. Thought of old enemies. Wrestled with the goat of imagination. At 4 AM I thought about getting up and making a cup of tea but then fell into a deep sleep. It's the end of a dark year. Here are some lines by Kenneth Rexroth. Happy New Year.


Ten years ago the snow falling
All a long winter night
I had lain waking in my bed alone   
Turning my heavy thoughts
And no way might
Remembering divers things long gone
In the long day in the hour of small shadow   
I walk on the continent's last western hill   
And lie prone among the iris in the grass   
My eyes fixed on the durable stone
That speaks and hears as though it were myself

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