Hungry in O'Hare, Krishna Krishna!

Hare Krishna founder Prabhupada at Airport4 krishna org

My friend Andrea Scarpino writes about being stuck in O’Hare airport in Chicago and this puts me in mind of how I was trapped there once during a blizzard. The year was 1978 and back then the airports were gathering places for wandering packs of Hare Krishna guys who followed you everywhere trying to sell you paper flowers. So there I was, trapped in O’Hare for two and a half days and trying to stay away from the Hare Krishnas who were everywhere. No food court. No food in fact. Just a vast, souless airport, weary passengers, and the minions of Krishna pushing trinkets. And so yes, finally, trapped by a man in a robe, a man who had a coffee can for making change strapped to his waist, and who had a fistful of paper flowers, I bought a flower, and yes, I ate it. Right in front of him. Those were the days. Those were the days.   


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