A Friendship Beyond Understanding


Photo: “One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar.” Helen Keller (Quote on wall at Guiding Eyes)

Talking with K.P. who is a blind activist from Hong Kong and who is getting his first guide dog atGuiding Eyes for the Blind in New York, I learn that there is considerable interest among the Honk Kong blind in having their own guide dog school. This news excites me because it’s about the spirit of hope. Every day we need stories about the indomitable “thing with feathers”. Or in this case, the things with wagging tails. 


In urban life a guide dog gives a visually impaired person a tremendous edge. Frankly I’ve long thought that even sighted people should have guide dogs, especially in the age of cell phones. These days sighted people are practically blind. But humor aside, the guide dog is a blessing and the human animal bond is a profound thing. I like what it says on the back of a Guiding Eyes brochure:


“Guiding Eyes dogs are carefully paired with their blind or visually impaired owners to ensure that they will become successful and independent teams. The results are intense bonding, newfound freedom, and a friendship beyond understanding.”


Got that right!   

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