Letting a Man Commit Suicide for Political Gratification

Stephen Drake writes over at Not Dead Yet of the cheer leading industry, now wildly out of control, rooting for disabled war veteran Tomas Young to end his life–framed with the martyrdom of political tragedy. Drake writes of lefty journalist Chris Hedges’ martyrology:


“Hedges seems to have a problem with distinguishing between fictional characters and real people. Tomas Young is a real person. Hector was a mythical character in a story about a dimly-remembered real-life Trojan War. Bonham was a plot device. It’s telling that when Hedges wants to talk about people who are used and discarded, he conjures up fictional characters. Tomas Young is not a fictional character, but a real person. And if and when he kills himself, his death won’t be a fictional death, but the real thing. And media folks like Hedges will have used and discarded Young just as surely as Bush and Cheney did.”


I am horrified by the de facto acceptance of a man’s suicide by the liberal media, which now includes Democracy Now. Apparently after a decade of nationally sanctioned human rights violations the death of a disabled veteran (who needn’t die) is AOK if by offing himself he creates a shiver of outrage at Bush and Cheney. This story is so profoundly corrupt I can’t find much with which to compare it, save for a handful of crime novels.

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