Whose Closet Are You In?

A legendary guide dog trainer once told me about finding a blind man who’d hidden himself in a closet on a Sunday afternoon. Guide dog schools are residential places with dormitories and shared meals. Blind people work with dogs and trainers six days a week. But on Sunday there’s leisure time and visitors often come, either to see students or, as is sometimes the case, have a guided tour of the school. But at the end of the day a student was missing. Trainers and housekeepers looked for him everywhere, and finally they found the man hiding in the closet of his room. “Why are you hiding in the closet?” they asked. “Because,” said the blind man, “this is where they tell me to go when visitors come.”

via www.planet-of-the-blind.com

I first understood the neo-liberal closet when I appeared on Oprah…

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