Disability Treaty, Now

Dear Disability Community Leaders:


Are you ready to push the disability treaty through to success in the U.S. Senate?  Our opponents are sure ready.  They continue to mislead about the treaty and its impact on parental rights and national sovereignty—the very same scare tactics they used last year to defeat it by a very close 5 votes.  We must—and we will—win this next time around.  Our chance is coming soon—and it could be our last chance for a long time.   


Last week, Chairman Robert Menendez of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee told a small group of community representatives that a hearing in Committee will occur soon!  We must be ready to push for the U.S. to ratify the treaty and everyone must help.


I know we can do it!  Together, we are now over 700 organizations strong in support of the disability treaty—more than double where we were last year—thanks to your organization’s support!  While the opposition continues to spread misinformation, we can raise our voices of truth about the disability treaty.  


The Senate has previously passed a resolution for ratification that was clear: our national sovereignty and parental rights are not threatened by the treaty.  But our opponents refuse to accept the reality.  This is not only an insult to the bipartisan supporters for the treaty—including veterans Bob Dole and Tammy Duckworth—but a disservice to the one billion people with disabilities in the world who look to the United States to lead global progress toward equality, dignity, and opportunity.


Together, amplifying our voices on the Hill and around the country, we are a powerful national movement for the disability treaty.  Now we must prepare for the next push.  So here is what I ask you to do now:


  1. Prepare your organization’s letter of support to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Start fresh, or simply brush up the letter you sent last year.  As soon as we know a hearing date, we will announce a Letter Blitz in support of the Disability Treaty.  You must be ready to send!

    A sample letter is attached for your convenience that you can customize. You will also be contacted by one of the members of CRPD Ratification Coordination Team to support you in this effort.  Eventually, all letters will be sent to the Senate Foreign Relations committee and can later be used in a 100-state action for the floor vote. But, given the government shut down, we do not want these sent until they will have the greatest impact.

  2. Sign and distribute the petition for ratification.  Every individuals should sign this and share the link with your friends, colleagues and communities.  If everyone sends this link, we can build an overwhelming number of signatures that cannot be ignored. www.handicap-international.us/support_the_disability_treaty  
  3. Increase and spread your social media. TWEET DAILY!   Direct Tweets of support to your Senators by placing their name after the @ symbol (@jerrymoran for example).  Use the following hashtags: #isupportcrpd, #crpd, #disabilitiestreaty.  Consider following other great advocates like @USICD, @ashettle @RhondaNeuhaus @IntDisability @auntpip.


If every organization will start with these three steps now, we will be positioned to make a big impression when the treaty process begins again in the Senate.  Thank you for your continued support on this effort.  More information will be sent as soon as we have it.  Together, we WILL succeed!


All my best,





David Morrissey

Executive Director

United States International Council on Disabilities

1012 14th St. NW, Suite 105

Washington, DC 20005

Office: (202) 347-0102

Mobile: (301) 787-2598

Fax: (202) 347-0351




Author: skuusisto

Poet, Essayist, Blogger, Journalist, Memoirist, Disability Rights Advocate, Public Speaker, Professor, Syracuse University

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