Hang it all

Hang it all Robert Browning, but best skedaddle for now. Here come the perfessors.

Triflers beware! The perfessors are here:
Punctilious, mindful, on the move,

They’ll flush you out, invest your reveries,
Or close your brown studies. It’s you they’ve watched

Woolgathering, or nonchalant, improvident- tant pis!
Micawbers, slackers, skimmers, here’s your match,

The perfessors have arrived: the robed Savonarolas!
Leap in the dark, grope or guess, send up a trial balloon,

Rummage, ransack, winnow or appraise–
Inquisitors will grill you: mooncalf, booby, lout, buffoon.

It’s time for gumption, prudence, brains and mother wit:
A bluestocking’s wrangle, a sine qua non;

Alas, poor duffers, bookless, smattering, you invent
A limerick, an Irish muddle, clearly heretic.

O the perfessors are here: praise Mentor!
They swoop through the long schoolroom,

Vertiginous, oracular, confirmatory, O rodomontade!