De Facto Eugenics

De-facto Eugenics are much on my mind today given Jojo Maye’s book and the film version now out.

Planet of the Blind

I begin my blog post today with a lengthy quote from Andrew Solomon’s book Far From the Tree: 


“When I was in college in the mid-1980s, it was common practice to speak of the “differently abled” rather than the “disabled.” We joked about the “differently gruntled” and the “differently agreeable.” These days, if you talk about an autistic child, he differs from “typical” children, while a dwarf differs from “average” people. You are never to use the word normal, and you are certainly never to use the word abnormal. In the vast literature about disability rights, scholars stress the separation between impairment, the organic consequence of a condition, and disability, the result of social context. Being unable to move your legs, for example, is an impairment, but being unable to enter the public library is a disability.

An extreme version of the social model of disability is summarized by…

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