Top Ten Reasons “Normal” People Wish They Were Disabled

Top Ten Reasons “Normal People” Wish They Were Disabled…

  1. We have that “cute little logo”.
  2. We don’t have to stand up for the national
  3. We have psychic powers: All disabled people know all other disabled
  4. They’re jealous of our specialty clothing.
  5. Disabled people are “more musical”.
  6. We have sign language and Braille and other
    “sneaky stuff”.
  7. We can park anywhere, just like the Pope.
  8. We have really cool pets and we can take them
  9. We have our own stalls in public restrooms,
    some with “high-tech” devices.

 And the number
one reason normal people wish they could be disabled:

  1. Airline employees are actually forced to help us.