My Husband is Blind. Top Ten Questions I'm Asked:

David is hosting the next Disability Blog Carnival and in keeping with his theme "Top Ten Lists" I submit the following:

My Husband is Blind.  Top Ten Questions I’m Asked:

10.    How did he go blind?

9.    "He always looks so good.  Do you pick out his clothes?"
(Volunteer at the guide dog training school         we both once worked

8.    Shall I trim his eyebrows? (Barber while cutting Steve’s hair)

7.    Can he see anything?

6.    How does the dog know when to cross the street?

5.    He travels by himself?

4.    Does he know what you look like? (Leeza Gibbons)

3.    Would he like a menu?

2.    What’s a nice girl like you doing with a guy like that?  (No
one has literally asked me this one but I        can see it in their

And the #1 question asked of me as the wife of a blind man:

1.     Was he blind when you married him?

~ Connie

0 thoughts on “My Husband is Blind. Top Ten Questions I'm Asked:

  1. I’d forgotten your site uses captcha so I had to wait a moment to get a friend to read the visual verification. 😦


  2. Ah! I am most familiar with #9.
    Rather kind, yet ignorant old woman (RKYIOW): “Oh honey, you look so nice, who dresses you in the morning?”
    Me (thinking I’m being oh so clever): “It depends on who stayed the night before.”
    RKYIOW: “That’s nice dear. Isn’t it lovely to have such good friends?”
    Me: *bashing head repeatedly against window glass and desperately wanting off the bus*


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