Top Ten Reasons "Normal People" Wish They Were Disabled

David is hosting the next Disability Blog Carnival and in keeping with his theme "Top Ten Lists" I submit the following:

Top Ten Reasons "Normal People" Wish They Were Disabled…

10.  We have that "cute little logo".

 9.  We don’t have to stand up for the national

 8. We have psychic powers: All disabled people know all other disabled

 7.  They’re jealous of our specialty clothing.

 6.  Disabled people are "more musical".

 5.  We have sign language and Braille and other
"sneaky stuff".

 4. We can park anywhere, just like the Pope.

 3. We have really cool pets and we can take them

 2.  We have our own stalls in public restrooms,
some with “high-tech” devices.

 And the number
one reason normal people wish they could be disabled:

 1. Airline employees actually have to help us.


Author: skuusisto

Poet, Essayist, Blogger, Journalist, Memoirist, Disability Rights Advocate, Public Speaker, Professor, Syracuse University

0 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons "Normal People" Wish They Were Disabled”

  1. I think that some people obviously dont see all of the other factors that come with being disabled, like the fact that you are in constant pain, or the fact that people talk down to you as if you are a child. They wouldn’t want to be disabled if this happened to them. Some people need to really think about things!


  2. To add to your list: wheelchair users don’t have to wait to be seated in restaurants. 🙂 (OK, that’s a joke.)


  3. Sometimes all disabled people are “one”.
    Oh yes, and when they insist they know you despite all details of prior acquaintance proving you have never met. “You look exactly like this woman I knew who used a scooter.” Then they describe the woman and that isn’t true either. I suppose our scooters were similar.
    4. We can park anywhere, just like the Pope.
    My disabled parking license plates and portable placard are actually called my “Power of God Parking Permit” though it never occurred to me before that the Pope must have one too. Duh, of course he does!


  4. To add to number 8 – Sometimes all disabled people are “one”. David has been called Lucas, Ted, and Ben. You know, you can’t tell those boys in wheelchairs apart from one another.


  5. Don’t forget jumping the lines at Disneyland. I hear about that one all the time–too bad we’ve never actually gone to take advantage.


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