Where We Are Today, This Morning in America

Rexroth  Spartacus


The poet Kenneth Rexroth once wrote: “History continuously bleeds to death through a million secret wounds of trivial hunger and fear.”  This morning with the rain falling outside my window in Iowa City and while the television repeats ad nauseum the social lie of the Republicans that health care reform might have been possible in the U.S. had only Senator Ted Kennedy “been there”–a post-facto assertion replacing logic with cynicism, its antecedents akin to saying, “If only the top dog in a slave state was like Spartacus, well things would have been different…”

This morning the bleeding industry with its hunger and fear is thriving in the United States and one ought not imagine that because the C.I.A. is getting some comeuppance for its experiments with power drills that the captains of bleeding are any worse for wear.

As Rexroth would say: “War is the health of the state.”

The Republicans (and many Democrats) in the Senate want to be the top dogs in a slave state. A principal requisite for the job is to pledge privately to overwhelm and reduce the citizens of the nation. Erode their civil rights and liberties; create wars of choice and send the children off to fight–even if the war is a bust the captains of the bleeding industry can amortize their catastrophe (Haliburton, Blackwater, etc. etc.)

Health care reform in the U.S. isn’t dead yet. But the debate has been recast by the bleeding industry into a metaphor of socialist trickery. The bleeding industry has always used the fear of lefties to scorch out of each generation of Americans anything like a humanitarian domestic politics.

It is worth pointing out, however feebly that there are no socialists in the United States senate. But the bleeding industry’s captains are fully aware that America’s lower middle class wants, more than anything to experience the satisfactions of appetite–the poor Americans who make $40,000 to $60,000 a year and have a family to boot, well they want to accumulate “stuff” by God, and its easy to make them afraid–very afraid.

And so the GOP and the quisling Dems light a fire with the identification papers of the writhing middle classes and Lo, the sum of the conflagration is tepidity.

These are my thoughts in the rain today and in advance of the funeral of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

I’m certain that whoever takes Ted Kennedy’s place will arrive on Capitol Hill with the appropriate delusive credentials.



0 thoughts on “Where We Are Today, This Morning in America

  1. I admire and agree with this post, its tenacity and strength and honesty. I feel so weary, though, so ready to bury my head and wait. I’m not afraid, just tired of it all.


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