On This Date in History: Beatles Play Last Live Concert

Beatles Candlestick Park


On August 29, 1966 The Beatles played their last live concert at San Francisco’s “Candlestick Park” and then they departed the U.S. never to return as a performing group.

They were exhausted from two full years of constant touring and contending with out of control crowds and stupid reporters asking them what they thought of American women’s legs or whether they felt sufficient contrition over John Lennon’s remark that the Beatles were probably better known than Jesus Christ–a quote that called the right wing yahoos out of their pentecostal holes and as is always the case in the U.S. lead the mealy mouthed press to ask over and over again: “Is it over for the band?”

Its interesting to note that the press in America thought the Beatles were “over” the moment they first arrived in New York in 1964. What stands out when watching footage of Beatles press conferences is just how suspicious the American press was of this shaggy little foursome from working class Liverpool.

No wonder they forsook our shores and went into the recording studio for good.



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