Fixing the Furnace on the Day of First Snow

Zen Monk with Knap Sack


The Zen monk pictured above is happy. Why is he happy? Because like the poet Hokusai he will have 947 change of addresses in his life. He will not need to call the furnace repair man on the day of first snow.

See how happy he is! The only snow is inside his head! His heart, which he borrowed from a Panda bear, is hot as can be. (Yes, Gladys, Panda’s have hot hearts. Hot little hearts! Hotter than the Mongolian sausage…)

Poof! Now the furnace is working and we are poor but warm.

We who own the house are rooted by changes in the weather.

Unlike the monk above we cannot escape.

Oh but leaning lightly on our elbows is free!



0 thoughts on “Fixing the Furnace on the Day of First Snow

  1. SK, Every home owner needs to experience an extended loss of power, a broken well pump or furnace to realize the comforts of modern living. Last summer I lived without a hot water heater for 5 days until the new one was installed. Well, now I know well water is cold. Glad you are warm.


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