How Do Ya’ Like Me Now?

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The following excerpted article comes to us via Inclusion Daily Express.

ADAPT Brings New Kind Of Protest To Wisconsin Politics
(Madison State Journal)
February 25, 2011
MADISON, WISCONSIN– [Excerpt] It is small as protests go these days in Madison. A line of advocates, activists, and people with disabilities, some in wheelchairs, maneuvers its way through the slush Thursday, past honking horns and over puddles, from Capitol Square to a squat, nondescript office building at 149 E. Johnson.

"Our homes, not nursing homes!" the protesters shout.

The line of 25 or so protesters closes in on its target: the state Republican Party headquarters. While an advocate holds the door open, a stream of motorized wheelchairs twists, turns, bumps and backs its way through the building’s narrow halls until it comes to a halt in a small lobby right outside the office of the party’s startled executive director, Mark Jefferson. A few protesters and a service dog roll right on in to Jefferson’s office, past several glass and brass elephants and an autographed Badgers football, and up to his desk.

It is around noon Thursday, the start to what will be a two-hour occupation of the state GOP headquarters, the latest salvo in a battle by advocacy groups to get word out about Medicaid provisions buried in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill that would, they say, allow his administration to gut the public health programs many of them depend on.

It is also a kind of protest that Madison has not yet seen.

Entire article:
Disability rights activists stage protest inside state GOP headquarters (The Capital Times)
Walker budget bill could harm many covered by Medicaid in state (Madison State Journal)

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this, Stephen. I am a disabled person living in Madison and have been very involved with the protests here, but didn’t hear a thing about this extremely important occupation. The havoc that this so-called repair bill, in unholy conjunction with the proposed budget, will wreak on the disabled community has been haunting me in my sleep. This is exactly the kick in the arse I needed to get me to read Inclusion Daily regularly and to hook myself up with the disability rights community here (I have a chronic pain condition and so am not always aware of what other crips are up to around these parts).


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