The Temporarily Able Bodied are So Inspiring!

Falling Apart

Back on April 10, 2009 I posted the following piece about Johnny Munchausen and his life long dream of becoming ill. He’s still at it!


Johnny Munchausen has been able bodied since birth but he hasn't let that stop him from his dream of becoming ill. The forty two year old vending machine repairman from Muncie, Indiana recently told Planet of the Blind that although his good health is seemingly a test from God he's still confident of overcoming it some day. 

"I dream all the time of being in an Iron Lung," said Munchausen who prefers being called "Munchie" since he likes to eat snack foods.

His wife Cindy Lu who is also blessed with good health says that her husband has never stopped believing he can overcome his physical condition.

"He's like  you know, I'm gonna fall apart one of these days, you know, like an old Chevrolet, he'll just drop his engine block right in the street–he's incredibly optimistic."

Munchausen's neighbor Clyde "Harry" Cuddeback says that being healthy has never gotten in Munchie's way. 

"He eats total shit and he drinks like a Nebraska wheat lobbyist." Cuddebacksays. "Munchie really works at overcoming his good health."

The president of the Muncie Vending Machine Repairman's Association Knut Clapper says that Munchausen inspires everyone.

"He reminds every one of us that we're lucky to be sick. Me? I've got gout and I thank my lucky stars to be swollen and inflamed and barely able to move. I always get the best parking places and the high school kids carry my groceries at Wal Mart. That's why Munchie is so heroic. We all know he will get there. He's just got so much faith and energy."

"One of these days," says Munchie, "I will fall down singing."

Meanwhile he has the whole town rooting for a miracle.


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