Pegassus, Interviewed After Years


Tell me your name again? My name is Pegasus. What do you do? I fly although I’m a horse—in this way I represent poetry. And how did you get your start? I ate some poems by Pindar: they were called “Odes”. Where did you find these Odes? They had been dropped among the hot, fragrant sage bushes that grow on Mt. Ida. What happened after you ate them? I became ex-ophthalmic, felt a shivering in my shoulders—as if ice was in my neck—and my breath became sweet and then my feet left the ground. Did this worry you at all? No for I was faster than the quick leaves off the Sycamores, faster than the clouds of superstition, quick as the syllabic crickets I’d always admired.




0 thoughts on “Pegassus, Interviewed After Years

  1. Prof. Kuusisto- It’s perfectly obvious to any of us who have read your memoir, or your most excellent poetry in _Only Bread, Only Light_, that you and Pegasus have a close relationship. And you were worried that horses wouldn’t like you! Clearly, Pegasus has seen fit to visit you on several occasions and eat right out of your hand. The eloquence of this blog proves that to be true. No wonder I hear neighing when I load this page.


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