One Love or Another

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Photo: It’s a gray day but that doesn’t stop this big yellow lab from bounding in and out of the lake to play fetch with a stick.

I sought one love or another, like the great poet, always using up whole days, months.Then the dog, the big dog came into my life. Love seeks you. I knew that. I’d read it in a book. But Corky had to punctuate it. Dogs are punctuation marks with the god stuff inside. That is what a dog can do. She can take apart the omens, reveal what’s right before you. 

–from “What a Dog Can Do: A Memoir of Life with Guide Dogs” forthcoming from Simon and Schuster 2013

0 thoughts on “One Love or Another

  1. Steve, we are looking forward to your new book. My SS class knows all about you amd “Miss Corky” and your other dogs!!