Emboucher poof!


Image of the man in the moon gathering sticks.


Many European legends depict the man in the moon as an old fellow hauling a bundle of willow sticks upon his back (formed from the craters of the moon called Mare SerenitatisTranquilitatis andFoecunditatis). He carries a lantern on a forked stick (the crater Tycho), and he is accompanied by a little dog (Mare Crisium). Shakespeare used this description in Act Five of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The actor playing Moonshine in the bumpkins’ performance of Pyramus and Thisbe is costumed exactly so.



When I was a kid my mother told me she used to think the final lines o “Silent Night” were: “Sleep in heavenly peas.”


Today in a meeting I thought I heard someone say “sawtooth reduction” but they were saying something else. 


I’m sure this person was saying something perfectly sensible like “leveraged sustainability” or “emboucher poof!” 


Meantime, post meeting, I have this mental image of a very small man with a very small saw. 


Perhaps he’s the man in the moon, the one who collects all the little sticks?