Dear Mr. Blank

Dear ________,

I am taking the liberty of writing as it’s commonly supposed you stand for something, though what that thing may be is increasingly difficult to reckon. I won’t digress: you stood for human rights when your campaign was new. Moreover you said you and you alone represented change we could believe in. I admit I was slow to understand the wit (yours) as you did exactly what you promised: a representation of change isn’t change and so of course when nothing has changed you’re essentially off the hook. Remember how giddy we were? No? We were happy as kids on a stolen sugar high.

You sir have evolved an ugly human rights record. I voted for you twice sir. The first time was hope, the second, fear. Go to the UN and say we’ve made mistakes: drones; Guantanamo; spying on innocent people; stealing hope around the globe; ignoring a global refugee crisis the likes of which humankind has never seen before. Go on. You can’t run again. It will cost you nothing.