Selected items from DREAM Weekly Email, Disability and Higher Education in the News: October 22-

28, 2017
 From DREAM: Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring
 Sponsored by the National Center for College Students with Disabilities and the Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD)
 * Alan Goldstein and his NYU engineering course is about disability, with people who have disabilities, making collaborative films, and that innovation has won him recognition from the Chronicle of Higher Education as one of “10 Classroom Trailblazers” in the U.S.:
 * Three staff from Syracuse University talk about their experiences with mental and emotional health issues in a short film, and their advice for students who might be experiencing similar situations or struggles (film is captioned but not audio described):
 * Taking an ASL course? Here’s a humorous guide for what NOT to do when you are making a video in ASL for homework and tests (no captions or audio description for the non-signing, but most sighted non-signers will still appreciate it):
 * Students are fighting back and raising awareness at the University Limpopo in South Africa, widely regarded as having some of the best disability services in the country – with students saying that from their experience, the services are not working:
 * Ada Palmer, professor at the University of Chicago, won science fiction’s prestigious “Best New Writer” Campbell award at the Hugo Awards in Finland, and used her speech to publicly discuss her disabilities of Crohn’s disease and PCOS for the first time (full text of her speech available at this link):
 *Many colleges still do not accept American Sign Language in fulfillment of the foreign language requirement, even though it is a “real” language, and Deaf Syracuse University student Kate Corbett Pollack asks why this is still happening:
 * Sexual assault is not viewed as a “disability issue,” but it is, meaning any government actions on Title IX could have a disproportionate effect on college students with disabilities:
 * A new “Diversability” student group has started at Albion College in Michigan, emphasizing diversity and intersectionality of people with disabilities while still focusing on disability:
 * Collin Diedrich says his learning disabilities make him a better scientific researcher, even though his doctoral advisor had suggested a career in business might be a better option than microbiology:
 * At age 2½, doctors told Stephan Shore’s parents he was psychotic and autistic and should be institutionalized, and today he is a professor of special education at Adelphi University in New York, arguing that autism is something that can be leveraged as a strength:
 * Oxford University’s Bodleian Library’s honored Keeper of the Books, Professor Dennis Shaw, recently passed away from mesothelioma cancer that may have been caused by asbestos poisoning from Shaw supervising various renovations to the 400 year-old library:
 * #InvisiblyDisabledLooksLike has gathered thousands of stories from across the world from people with disabilities that are not always visible to others:
 * The Asian and Asian American communities have specific mental health needs, and the New York-based Asian American Federation has issued a report hoping to help professionals and policymakers understand the issues, with statistics about New York, cultural stigmas, and recommendations to move forward:
 * Happy Halloween from around the world – 90 Deaf people from different countries sign “Happy Halloween” in their native sign languages (video is not captioned or audio described):
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 By the way, please don’t presume DREAM, the National Center for College Students with Disabilities, or AHEAD agree with everything in these links we send out – we’re just passing along the information so you can form your own opinions. Thanks.
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