Disability Blog Carnival # 17: Laughter, The Best Medicine

About a week ago Steve wrote a post titled of Comedy and Disability as a means of introducing this Disability Blog Carnival.  The theme we chose is "Laughter, The Best Medicine", borrowed from the column with the same name in The Reader’s Digest Magazine.   

Simply put, we felt we needed to laugh.  Things had gotten much too serious around the Kuusisto household and we figured we might not be alone in that regard.  No sooner had we made this decision when, coincidentally I think, Penny wrote a post inspired by her young daughter called Call the people at Marvel Comics… posted at Disability Studies, Temple U.  My hubby Steve was delighted by this post and couldn’t help but add his thoughts.  We felt we were off to a good start.  We hope you’ll agree.  More importantly, we hope you find reason to laugh.  We sure have thanks to all these wonderful contributions…

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Disability Blog Carnival #16: Borders

Pilgrimgirl is hosting this edition of the Disability Blog Carnival. 

"As people with disabilities many of us find ourselves navigating
borders. We may encounter physical barriers that prevent us from fully
participating in social activities. Many of us experience awkward
interactions as we move through public spaces–often simultaneously
drawing attention and disfavor. Those of us who inhabit the Borderland
of disability may ‘pass’ for TAB in various spheres (such as on the
‘Net where our bodies aren’t on display), or we may have times where we
assert our disabled identity in order to qualify for benefits or
accommodations. At different times we may feel a kind of fractured
identity as we realize that our life is ‘normal’ for us, so why are we
marginalized or pitied when we attempt to live our everyday lives?"

Pilgrimgirl is new to us as are some of her carnival participants.  So many blogs; so little time!  These carnivals provide such a wonderful opportunity to *meet* the most interesting people.  Don’t you think?

~ Connie


Steve and I will be hosting the next Disability Carnival on June 28 and we’ve decided to borrow from the Reader’s Digest
and use "Laughter, the Best Medicine" as the theme this time around.
Of course, we welcome any and all topics but as we’re planning a big move
to Iowa this summer, we’re looking for any opportunity to lighten the
mood up around here!  Help us please!  Send us your submission(s) via this link or write to us at contact@stephenkuusisto.com   Click HERE for more info.



Disability Blog Carnival # 11

Today I realized that the Disability Blog Carnival # 12 is up and we have yet to introduce # 11.  Steve and I have both been quite busy and we’ve managed to fall behind on our blogging.  We’ve got some catching up to do.



Carnival # 11 is dedicated to the topic of "independent  (liberated, free) living" and is hosted by Alexander at howtowheelchair.com

Disability Blog Carnival # 10

Hmmm.  I was looking for this and just realized I only *thought* I had posted a link for the Disability Blog Carnival # 10.  What was I thinking?

This carnival’s theme is about HIV/AIDS and Disabilities.  Leila Monaghan, from Indiana University, has certainly done her homework.  She’s provided us with multiple links to explore in addition to links from other bloggers. 

You may know Leila best from her work on the Disability Studies, Temple U. blog.  At least that’s where I know her from….

~ Connie