Disability Blog Carnival # 26: Relax Mon!

Greg at Pitt Rehab
has asked those of us in the community of people with disabilities what
it is we do to relax and unwind.  Read his findings in this, the 26th Disability Blog Carnival

If like us, you were unable to make the deadline for what ever reason,
it’s not too late.  Part of the fun of hosting (and reading through) a disability blog
carnival is reading the comments that roll in.  So take some time,
relax a bit (you know you want to, in fact, you probably NEED to) and
take in Greg’s carnival.  Then, while you’re there, support Greg’s efforts and leave him a comment
and tell us ALL what YOU do to relax.  Or as I did, tell everyone what
you’d LIKE to be doing to relax!

For me, there’s nothing like spending a week in Jamaica…Ya mon!

~ Connie

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"If" You Love Disability Blog Carnivals, You'll Love This 25th Edition

Kara of If the World had Wheels is the "Ringmaster" of the 25th Disability Blog Carnival.  Her chosen theme is simply "If…" and as Penny commented, this carnival is "full of gems." 

As "if" anyone had any doubts!  Thanks goes to Kara for another great read!

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Disability Blog Carnival # 24 Marks 1st Anniversary!

Penny L. Richards started the Disability Blog Carnival one year ago and this month celebrates the occasion  at her place, Disability Studies, Temple U.  Congratulations_2

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her for all her continuing hard work and dedication to this "community" of bloggers.  Bravo, Penny.  Bravo!  We thank you for the memories!

And now, without further ado…Welcome to the first anniversary edition of the Disability Blog Carnival!

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Clipart above shows blue and yellow confetti across which is the word "Congratulations!" spelled out in red letters.

Musical Milestones

Before continuing with this post (written by Steve) as a contribution to the next Disability Blog Carnival, Steve and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Penny L. Richards for her all her continuing hard work and dedication to the Disability Blog Carnival, which she launched one year ago.  Bravo, Penny.  Bravo!  We’ve made many new friends thanks to you!

~ Steve and Connie

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Disability Blog Carnival #23

Have you "met" Jennifer Justice yet?  She is an artist, writer and independent publisher, the creator of two popular ezines, Pedestrian Hostile and This Is Living, and has served as a contributor and editor to numerous publications (including Blog [with]tv).  She also happens to be the hostess of this month’s Disability Blog Carnival.  Penny L. Richards over at Disability Studies, Temple U. had this to say when introducing this month’s carnival:

"Superheroes, folksongs, naked lawyers, beach wheelchairs, and a
Therevada oasis–it must be another edition of the Disability Blog
Carnival, with your host Jennifer Justice at Pedestrian Hostile.  A fine mix of hilarity, personal accounts, serious news and commentary, there are links for all tastes.  Go check it out!"

Need we say more?

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Disability Blog Carnival #22: Resilience

Clearly Jodi, from Reimer Reason, has put a lot of work into this most recent edition of the Disability BlogSpider
Carnival.  Her theme is "resilience" and she, like her contributors, has put some thought into this….

"Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Disability Blog Carnival! In honor
of this being the 22nd edition, I have for you twenty-two posts on the
subject of: Resilience. I have loved reading all of the posts submitted
and in doing so I have learned quite a bit about the things that make
people resilient. There are people who use humor or call on their faith
in God. There are those of us who adapt, persevere, adjust their
perspective, come to accept, see beauty, find joy. Fasten your seat
belts, because you are about to meet some incredible people."

you stop by Jodi’s site to read through these posts, take a moment
won’t you, and write her a comment.  Bloggers love feedback!

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David Hosts Disability Blog Carnival # 21

David is Growing up with a Disability
and believes "society often underestimates the complexity of living
with a disability – the joys, the challenges, the ordinary, and the

As host of the Disability Blog Carnival this month, he warns David Letterman to "move over" because "here come the bloggers!"

"The topic for this carnival is Top Ten Lists, and people put together a variety of lists on a variety of topics."

David, we’ve never seen you in a double-breasted suit like Letterman wears, but we bet you’re equally as dashing!  Audience, don’t you agree?

As per David:

"The next carnival will be hosted by Reimer Reason on September 13, with entries due by September 10. Posts can be submitted via the carnival siteUpdate – Penny says the theme is "Resilience".

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Andrea's Buzzing About: Being "ON HOLIDAY!"

Andrea’s Buzzing About: the Disability Blog Carnival # 20 she’s titled "ON HOLIDAY!"
Andrea has put this carnival together in a very clever narrative that almost makes you feel like you’re there.  She’s set up a "buffet" and invites us all to
help ourselves, then stake out "spots in the shade or a place to soak up some of the abundant warm sunshine. "Do try some of the brownies — I got the recipe from Gluten-Free Girl and they are fabulous…" she says.

If you’re ready to take a little holiday of your own, this edition of the Disability Blog Carnival is the perfect place to start.  But don’t forget the bug spray!

You will find links to other Disability Blog Carnivals: past, present and future here.

(Visual description of black & white photo: a man and a small boy are standing side by side on the shore overlooking a body of water and a bridge in the distance.  The man’s right let has been amputated.  He’s leaning on his right crutch; the boy has a hold of the crutch in his left hand in a kind of affectionate gesture.)

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Disability Carnival #19: Sex and Disability

Pregnant_womanI am borrowing this graphic from the last carnival by Retired Waif who, by the way, hasn’t been heard from in a few days.  Perhaps she’s celebrating the birth of her baby?!  Let’s hope so!  The wait can be so endless.  My first child was 17 days late in coming which gave her time to "bulk up" to a hefty 9lbs. 7 oz.  But I digress…

This photo is of a statue of a naked woman sitting with her right leg
outstretched.  She has no arms, appears to have only one leg, a
deformed foot, and she’s (I’m assuming) very pregnant.  I would love to know more about this statue.  Where is it?  Who is it?  What "story" is it representing?  Anyone know?

What better way to introduce the newest edition to the Disability Blog Carnival by Zephyr at Arthritic Young Thing.  Her theme: "Let’s Talk  About Sex, Babee"  and according to Zephyr, "boy, did you bloggers ever talk about sex!"


Just kidding.  This is anything but "a Carnival ‘O Smut" as she put it.  Zephyr has worked hard to pull together a carnival discussing a genuinely important topic and laced with posts by smart, thoughtful bloggers, many of whom we do know and some we’re looking forward to *meeting* and getting to know.

I must say, generally speaking, Arthritic Young Thing is an uninhibited young thing.  More power to her!  She has strong convictions and a strong voice and I admire that.  I could say that reading many of Zephyr’s other posts on her blog makes me feel old and stodgy but I’m reminded of the famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote: "No one can make you feel inferior with out your consent."  So instead I’ll simply say "I’m stodgy and proud of it"! 

I am not old, however.

~ Connie

Disability Blog Carnival #18…and a baby? Perhaps?

Pregnant_womanRetired Waif has pulled together a terrific carnival all the while experiencing contractions! Yep!  By the time you read this post: Disability Blog Carnival #18…and a baby?  Perhaps? Waif may have BIG news!

We wish her and her family all the best…and Congratulations!

~ Connie

The photo above is one that I borrowed from Retired Waif’s carnival.  It’s a statue of a naked woman sitting with her right leg outstretched.  She has no arms, appears to have only one leg, a deformed foot, and she’s (I’m assuming) very pregnant.  Why I think she’s "glowing"!