As written by Simi Linton:

Definitions of the word “blind” found in my computer’s Thesaurus
support the idea that blindness limits . The terms ignorant,
imperceptive, insensitive, irrational, oblivious, obtuse, random, rash,
stagger, unaware, unconscious, uncontrolled, unknowing, unplanned and
violent came up on my screen. My Roget’s Thesaurus also provided
inattentive and purposeless. These meanings lurk under the surface when
the word “blind” is used whether on its own, or in pairings, in such
phrases as “blind passion”, “blind rage”, “blind justice”, “blind
drunk” and “blind faith”.

How can the culture get away with attaching such an absurd
proliferations of meanings to a condition that affects, simply, visual
acuity? Of all the impairments, blindness seems to call up the most
fantastical of responses. These are used, uncritically and without
apparent irony by many and often.

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Longshot Takes Presidential Campaign to New Hampshire

You’ve probably never heard of him, but this man’s views on issues that concern us all are worth listening to. 

Catch up to him in New Hampshire – New Hampshire, Ohio that is – and listen to his latest "stump" speech.  It’s very brief but there is little doubt you’ll appreciate his fresh perspective.

(If nothing else, you’ll probably chuckle.  That could be a good thing! )

~ Connie

One Caveman Defending Another

Who DO they think they’re fooling? 

"The Patriarch" called?

I know exactly who called in a feeble attempt to defend my Caveman of a husband and if you stop to think
about it, you do too.  I’m not naming names, but trust me, if you read this blog, you do.

I’m crushed. 

There is no Defending the Caveman in this instance.  My clumsy Caveman knows his "slip" was anything but "iddy biddy".  It was an "Uh-Oh" moment and he knows it! 

So now I’m dealing with two cavemen.  Thank goodness they are miles apart at the moment (thank goodness we’re ALL miles apart!) otherwise they’d be pounding their chests, hoisting their spears, giving each other the old "high five" with one hand while crushing beer cans with the other in some macho display of perceived dominance.

Clearly this "Patriarch" doesn’t recall our conversation a few years ago in which he called me a saint.  When I asked why he said, and I quote, "my wife wouldn’t let me leave for a week at a time, let alone two months!" Caveman_2

Oh how quickly these mighty hunters band together the moment they sense danger lurking in the form of
"women beating up" on them on their blogs.

~ Connie

(Image above is that of a caveman, a cartoon character sitting on the ground in front of his laptop.  He’s scratching his head with his right hand, as if to say "Duh" while poking at the keyboard with one finger of his left hand.)